Welcome to the Modern Life Mrs

What is the Modern Life Mrs?

A community built around modern woman ready to learn, grow, and create a life they love. We encourage all women follow their passions and practice things every day that bring them pure joy.

The MLM is a place where inspiration, beauty, DIY, career, relationships, health, fitness, home, and empowerment are celebrated daily. The Modern Life Mrs is a place to escape, cut the noise, and focus on the things that serve YOU. It’s a place you can feel comfort in knowing you are right where you need be. Right here, right now, in the present moment, making yourself a stronger and happier individual––crafting a life that best suits your unique, one-of-a-kind, gorgeous self. And we are SO happy to have you here.

Who is a Modern Life Mrs?

This is not your grandma’s definition of a Mrs anymore, world. Women are finally able to live a life with whatever title they want and slay while doing it. Needless to say, we are loving it.

Being an MLM means you are a kick-ass woman ready to create a life you love at any stage in your life. You can be a mom, a wife, a lady boss, a single lady holding out to become a ‘Mrs’ while standing at the altar next to a Hemsworth brother (I think we all have our fingers crossed on that one), or any combination of above!

How do I become an official MLM?

Girl, you already ARE an MLM if you’re on this site. You’ve taken the time to learn, grow, and explore to improve yourself. Bottom line, I think you’re pretty amazing, and I don’t even know you that well yet!

So while every woman already has her inner MLM ready to rock ‘n roll, if you want to make things more official, we encourage you to join our newsletter––which offers access to all of the latest MLM posts, giveaways, contests, and member spotlight opportunities. Join the MLM community on Facebook and connect with fellow kick-butt women like yourself. Lastly, take a look through the shop and flaunt your own MLM swag and use #ImaMLM on social media.


About the editor & chief


My name is Heather Schwartz (soon-to-be Mrs Ford thanks to my hunky bearded man!). I'm a born-and-raised Wisconsin girl with a love for bonfires, lake-life, pizza parties, movie nights, and long walks down the aisle of Target.

By trade I am a full-time wedding and portrait photographer, but my passions go so beyond the lens. I worked in the corporate world right out of college at several advertising agencies. I was burnt out, depressed, and knew I wasn’t fulfilling my true passions in life. I had been building a photography business since I was 18 years old and knew I wanted to go full time. So, while scared shitless, I took the leap and it paid off tremendously! I now get to pursue my passions alongside my handsome fiance, Mike, and I have loved every minute of the journey. While photography is my biggest passion, there are a couple more things that really set my soul on fire––educating, empowering, and lifestyle. I decided that the best way for me to share these passions was through a blog. But not just any blog. I wanted to build a community for all woman, at any stage, to create a life they only dreamed about. So, MLM was born.


I’m sure you’re sick of reading long paragraphs (I know I get that way!) So let’s do the rest of this 90s magazine quiz style


01. Pretty sure ___ runs in my veins.


02. My fantasy celebrity squad goals ___ .

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica James, Decker, & Lauren Conrad.

03. Next on the travel bucket list, ___ .


04. You can never have too many ___ .

Pairs of cute undies, ladies brunches, or flowers in the house

05. My next home must be within 5 miles of ___ .

Target and Whole Foods

06. My dream is to to ___ . Become the best version of myself and empower others while doing so

07. My biggest guilty pleasure(s) ___ .

Instagram, quinoa chocolate bars, and shopping trips

08. My hero is ___ .

My dad, aka poppa Schwartz

09. Something people don’t know about me ___ .

I’m an introverted extrovert

10. What I am most excited for with getting married ___ .

Being able to build an empire next to my best friend...and be able to makeout with him forever.