I'm a born-and-raised Wisconsin girl with a love for bonfires, lake-life, guacamole, and game nights. I am a lifestyle blogger, social media marketer, and photographer specializing in weddings, boudoir, and lifestyle. But on my days off you can usually find me snuggled up in my sweatpants with my morkie, Bella, nose-deep in a book, or daydreaming about all of the places I want to travel.

My photography style is pure, lively, and original. I will always keep it light, fun, and probably look like a fool while trying to make you laugh. My dance moves and noises are fool-proof in that department! But most importantly, each one of my photos aims to tell a story—your story.

I believe that when you take the time to get to know a client––and I mean really investing, listening, and giving them the time and attention they deserve––your world opens up. You'll discover all of the magnificent things that they bring to the table and you'll get excited about it!

A genuine relationship will start to build and trust is established––that's why I don't call my clients, "clients". They are friends, bottom line.

And what's more exciting than taking photos and hanging out with a friend? (Well, maybe lounging and sipping fruity drinks on the beaches of Cabo together––but it's a pretty close second!) But really, I want to showcase who my friends are in every single one of my sessions. And prove through my interactions––before, after, and during their shoot––that I am here for them and can't wait to celebrate their individuality! So you may be a bride and groom, a woman interested in boudoir, a high school senior, or a momma-to-be.

Whoever you are––I may not even know you yet––but I can already tell you are freaking amazing! And together we will capture the real, beautiful, and unique moments in this one-of-a-kind life of yours.

So if you are a lover of the outdoors, yoga pants, and long walks down aisles at Target—I think we will get along just fine! I can't wait to meet you and help capture your special moments that will be worth sharing for generations to come.