Ryen & Dustin's Lake Geneva Wedding Day

I remember my first meeting with Ryen and Dustin. We went to Starbucks to go over wedding contracts and they brought their little boy, Boston. I was gushing over his big blue eyes, bright blond hair, and the fact he called his hot chocolate, "coffee." The more I learned about their relationship and family, my excitement couldn't help but grow for their wedding day in Lake Geneva!

The day came very quickly and the weather, and everything else, was absolutely perfect! A couple things I remember most from their special day:

  1. Gawking over Ryen's dress, and later finding out she found it on etsy! What a gorgeous find!
  2. How calm and collected Dustin was when I saw him the morning of the wedding. I could just tell he was ready to make the love of his life finally his wife––and of course have a hell of a party!
  3. Being in crazy photo mode while the girls were getting ready and accidentally knocking the sub tray into Ryen and Dustin's hotel jacuzzi tub. MY BAD.
  4. Walking around the lake in gorgeous downtown Lake Geneva with the bridal party.
  5. Ryen and her mom taking a jello shot at the reception––Ryen's eyes become wide in disbelief, while explaining her mom never drinks, and this was going to be her "favorite photo moment of the day!"
  6. Boston entering the room for the grand march and everyone chanting his name. Then later DJ playing the Space Jam theme song, which is Boston's favorite movie, and the whole wedding circling him while he danced. Such an awesome moment!

The list could go on. This wedding was one of my favorites from this summer––it was filled with so much love, laughter, family, friends, and clearly an amazing couple! Below are some of my favorite highlights of the day.



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